Russian 1860’s, 70’s William Carrick Photos. This is a great group of 31 CDV-size (2.25 x 3 5/8 inches) original albumen photographs by the Russian photographer William Carrick (1827-1878). One is mounted as a regular CDV; some are mounted on thicker photographic mat board, some in groups of three or two. One is a single of horsedrawn coach with a man looking away. Carrick was known for his series of photographs depicting the life of peasants and indigenous peoples of Russia.

All the photographs are in excellent condition with foxing spots on areas of mounts. Original Carrick photographs are hard to find. These have been in my collection for a number of years.

This seems to be a great deal for the buyer. Most albumen prints would retail for approximately $150 each, and those are just “regular” albumen prints. This price is for 31 photographs, which at even $150 each would be $4,650. Given the stature of the photographer (i.e., the acclaim of this photographer, not the fact that he was 6’4″) and that he was noted for photographs of Russia of long ago, these would sell for much more than $150 each.

William Carrick was born in Scotland in 1827. He moved to Russia in 1844 with his family to study architecture at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts under Alexander Brullov. He completed his studies in architecture, but became interested in photography and opened a photography studio in 1856. In 1876, he became the photographer of the Academy of Arts. An exhibition of his works was held in the Russian capital in 1869, followed by exhibitions in London (1876) and Paris (1878), all to great acclaim.


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